- In the centre of the village there is “Saint Sebastiano” Church (patron Saint) in Baroque style, and a square where Monte Granatico Building and the old Town Hall face each other;


- In the low-lying part of the village there is “Holy Virgin Mary Queen” Church in modern style with a wooden dome;


- Not far from the central Piazza Mercato (recognizable for its Monument dedicated to the great fellow citizens Pietro Leo and Raimondo Garau) there is the Knife Museum “Arburesa”, with a spectacular knife’s collection. The museum houses the jack-knife wich remained in the Guinnes records for 15 years as the biggest and longest knife in the World (m.3.35). Very important are also the handmade production of ceramic, clay pots and wood work.


- Arbus is surrounded by a charming and luxuriant municipal pinewood “de sa Conca’e s’ollastu e de Conca’e mallu”.

Arbus offers spectacular and exciting events during all year,

above all popular and religious festivals:



- S. Sebastiano, on 20th January,  characterized by a bonfire;


- S. Lussorio, on 22nd August;


- Our Lady of Itria, on the first Sunday after Whitsan;


- S.Antonio of Santadi, which is celebrated the week-end after 13th June (from Saturday to Tuesday), is particularly picturesque for its ancient rites. The statue of the Saint is put on a cart drawn by two oxen and followed by carts, coaches and tractors decorated called “traccas”, and by folk-groups and a musical band. The Saint is accompanied by a lot of believers who, after leaving Arbus and going trough the village of Guspini, reach Santadi walking in procession all day long. This pilgrimage is the longest in Italy, 38 km.


The beautiful COASTS known as “Costa Verde”

which extends for 47 Km from Capo Frasca to Capo Pecora includes:



·  PISCINAS, PISTIS, and TORRE DEI CORSARI, with their incredible dunes.         

· You can visit the “Albero del Poeta”, a secular juniper tree situated between the dunes of Torre dei Corsari and Pistis and the sea.


The mining centre above all:


- INGURTOSU (the mining area; the Brassey’s  Laveria; the Direction’s Palace in neogothic style; the church of  “S. Barbara”);


- MONTEVECCHIO (the mining area; the Direction’s Palace).

MOUNTAIN ARCUENTU (m. 784.): important naturalistic attraction. 

The mountain areas have charming forests and offer a safe refuge to Sardinian deer.

Casella di testo:      For five consecutive years 
    Arbus Municipality 
has been awarded the prize 
“5 Sails” by Legambiente and Touring Club for its outstanding natural beauty and for the history and culture of its Territory.
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Ovale: ARBUS
Casella di testo: Arbus is a village in the south-west Sardinia 
in the Medio Campidano Province
Casella di testo: The Territory of Arbus municipality, which  extends for 26.716 hectares, is one of the widest in Italy. It is wide but varied and includes:

a mountain district which separates Medio Campidano from the sea, made up of Mount Arcuentu and the mountains surronding Arbus town centre;

a halfway hilly region with the minig areas of Montevecchio, Ingurtosu e Gennemari, which slopes down to the sea;

a stretch of coast which extends 47 Km from the peninsula of Capo Frasca to Capo Pecora.
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